sequins, synthetic DNA & RNA standards for next-generation sequencing.

Improve the accuracy, reliability and performance of genome sequencing.

Human Genomics.

Controls for targeted and whole genome sequencing in cancer and inherited disease >

RNA Sequencing.

Controls for gene assembly and expression profiling with RNA sequencing >



Controls representing a diverse community of microbe genomes for metagenomics >

Sequins are synthetic RNA & DNA standards that represent genes, mutations, or microbes.
are ‘spiked-in’ to your sample, and act as internal controls during next-generation sequencing.

Sequins measure diagnostic performance, benchmark equipment and software,
and provide routine quality control.

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More details on the design and use of sequins in next-generation sequencing,
including scientitific publications, news and protocols >

Sequins are designed and manufactured at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Sydney, Australia), and used by over 140 universities, institutes, hospitals and companies in over 21 countries across the world.