Anaquin 0.99.11 (24 August 2016)

This is the initial release (beta) for Anaquin. Anaquin is an innovative statistical analysis framework for sequins. Please visit our website to learn more about sequins. In this release, we have:

  • User guide on how sequins can be used with Anaquin
  • Libraries and resource files for the sequins
  • C++ software and Bioconductor package

The following sequins are introduced:

  • RnaQuin – RNA-Seq sequin analysis

We have the following toolkits ready:

  • RnaAlign
  • RnaAssembly
  • RnaExpression
  • RnaFoldChange
  • RnaSubsample

The user guide covers details about the tools. This initial release covers following bioinformatic areas:

  • Transcriptome analysis
  • Gene/Isoform expression
  • Gene/Isoform differential
  • Sequin calibration

This release supports Linux and Mac OSX. Source code is included in the download.

Download: Anaquin_0.99.11.tar.gz